About Us

About "Christen helfen Christen"

CHRISTEN HELFEN CHRISTEN is an independent initiative of volunteers under the umbrella of the Missionsbund LICHT IM OSTEN e.V.

Through humanitarian aid and the funding of social, diaconal and missionary projects, we want to support local partners in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

In the years following the collapse of communism, we got to know churches in Eastern Europe on various missions. The major political upheaval in 1990 and 1991 led to completely new opportunities for local Christians to serve in the areas of diaconia, evangelism and church planting. Shortly afterwards, we began our own aid campaigns. In order to keep the administrative costs as low as possible, we joined the LICHT IM OSTEN e.V. missionary association in 1994. Since then, we have built up a network of trusting relationships with local organizations. Given the constant political, social and economic changes in their countries, they are in the best position to use donations effectively.

Our Ministry Countries